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Stop Stressin'

The very first thing Hauger told us when we returned from our February break was that as much work we put in January, we need to put in that same amount of work in February.  That was the very first thing he said to us.

So for the past couple days, it feels like January.  We are after school and close to seven hours on Saturday.  The cars have to be done before March 26.  We need to register 500 miles on them before the technical reports are due March 30.  I believe that we can get everything done with the help and participation of the team.  We have finally fixed the Ford Focuse engine, and it is back in the car.  We are very pleased.

Now its just a matter of time before we can get the GTM working again with all parts assembled thanks to our good friend '' Mark '' who is the man.  He directed us on how to build the GTM.  He was really a great help even though he was only with us for a month.  We will see him soon and continue our work together.

Right now, our main focus is making the car more aerodynamic.  Jeremy posted for us a Google site for the Wind Tunnel Test Plan.  We need to research and write down our ideas on how to make the GTM more aerodynamic.  If you have any guidance or ideas, please please let us know.  Feel free to comment on this blog and share what you know.  We promise we will give you credit.

Ride or Die

Daniel M.