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Small spaces

The students arrived at the Michigan International Speedway around 9 a.m.  A couple of the students came earlier, because Ann and Keith needed to relocate the decals on both the hybrids.  Hauger specifically asked for Carter to help with the Ford Focus.  Tiny spaces call for only two to three people.  The bays at the Michigan International Speedway are wonderful, but not big enough for 10 teenagers and four anxious engineers: Mark, Hauger, Keith, and Jerry.

Azeem writes below a little blog about his boredom.  Poor Azeem.  He is on the trip of a lifetime at the Michigan International Speedway for the X Prize purse of 10 million dollars, but he is bored.  His breakfast was rushed.  It is hot.  And he can only watch the other teams push their cars to inspection for so long.

In case you were worried, he will survive.

-Ms. R

It’s 10:41 AM at the Michigan International Speedway, and I’ve been looking for something to do. Just a few minutes ago, I was near the race track waiting for the other cars to drive around.  There is no such thing as driving today.  It is just getting the cars, or pushing the cars to the inspection garage.  I came back to our bay to see what our team was doing.  Jacques was putting tape around the wires in the trunk to hold them in position.  Matt (Mark Doughtery's son) and Alexis were relocating the decals.  Stefon was double checking to make sure the decals were in the right place.  Carter and Sekou were digging around in the EVX Gt for some reason.  And I have nothing to do.

There are 20 people in this small section of the garage amped up and scrambling to help.  Not to mention that we have a documentary crew following the engineers and students.

Now everyone is either doing a job or looking for a job.  We call it floating. Floating is when you want to help but there isn’t much help needed.  Just a few minuets ago I was floating around and now I find myself writing a blog.

I am a little bored as far as work goes, but I am having a great time seeing the other cars and meeting the other teams. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day is going to be like.  We have a technical inspection at noon for the Ford Focus.  The EVX GT is going for inspection around 4 p.m.  Most of us are going to leave after lunch because we cannot be in the technical inspection area.  We are not certified.

Swimming, dinner, and hopefully a movie.

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