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We Need Your Vote!

It's competition time for the EVX Team. On April 14, we took the EVX GT and a bus full of students to Watkins Glen International, the famed New York State racetrack for the 7th annual Green Grand Prix. Winning the race was a fabulous way for students and teachers to start spring break. Now, we need your help. Click here to vote for the EVX Team and learn about our next competition.

As soon as we get back from spring break, science teacher Paul Holt and five students will put the finishing touches on their presentation for the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Awards competition, which is being held at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA. The students will be presenting their work on the Electric Very Light Car in the Clean Energy division of the competition. To learn more about the EVX Team entry, check out our video. Then cast your vote. Send the link to your friends.

We are excited about the great work the students are doing and the wonderful travel we have planned. But, to do all these great things, we need your help. Our annual Spring Fundraiser has gotten us about 80% of what we need to complete our activities this year. If you haven't already done so, will you help us by making a tax deductible contribution? It's easy. Just click the “Donate” button to contribute on-line.

We greatly appreciate the support of our friends. Your help makes all we do possible.