Kids, cars, competition.

It’s all very cool. We learn and write a whole lot about how adding a turbo-charger increases power and decreases fuel use, then we install one. We figure out the environmental benefits of bio-diesel, then we race the car we built. Definitely cool, but it costs money. That’s why we are again reaching out to our friends and fans to ask for your support.

Join us on April 29 at 7 PM.

Meet the students and enjoy some fabulous homemade desserts, and support the EVX team. Your tax deductible contribution to the EVX Team helps us get the parts and equipment we need, and it supports our entries and travel to competitions.

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How long does it take to build a car?

It’s not easy building a car from the ground up, but that’s what we’re doing at the Workshop School. We have a great group of students and teachers building a super fuel-efficient, bad-ass sports car - a Factory Five 818. Another group of students is converting used fryer oil into the bio-diesel that will power it. We’ve almost completed this amazing project, and at the end of May, we’ll be showcasing the car at a Sports Car Club of America event. 


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