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Building the Factory Five 818

The EVX Team is hard at work building a new high mileage competition car. Factory Five Racing has generously donated the ultra-sleek chassis and body to us. We found a wrecked Subaru Imprezsza WRX as a donor car that the 818 is designed to use. We've already removed and installed the Subaru suspension and other key components.

But unlike the original Factory Five design, we are using a highly efficient VW TDi and Audi transmission to increase fuel efficiency while delivering real power for this hot sports car. Students have already fabricated and installed a number of specialty parts for the build, and some parts of the body have already been painted, but much needs to be accomplished.

The Team's goal is to have the 818 race ready for the Green Grand Prix, scheduled for April 11, 2014 in Watkins Glen, NY. It's a tough timeline – especially with all the time we've been losing for snow and ice – but we are pushing hard.

Check back here often. Our team members will be blogging about their research, their struggles, and their successes building this amazing car.

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