Welcome to Our Blog! Hybrid Expectation!

Good afternoon! We are so excited to welcome you to our new blog called "Hybrid Expectations." We cannot wait to share with you all the wonderful and exciting events that surround our entry in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize. The launch date October 19 is so close!

There will be three students apart of the team that are responsible for posting and updating this blog. They are three seniors who thought this could be a wonderful senior project for graduation.

They are:

Khaleda Sharif: Khaleda is 18-years-old and lives about two blocks from West Philadelphia High School. She is a phenomenal student who is very courageous and an excellent thinker in the classroom. She joined the team two years ago and was nervous about working with cars. Now, she is a leader in the shop and spent her summer working on the two hybrid cars and staring in the team's podcasts. We are so lucky to have her.

Momo Shen: Momo is 17-years-old, and she was born in China in the big city called Dalian for 14 years. Momo came to the United States because her mom's here. She joined the team two years ago, and her favorite thing to do is work on the motorcycle engine for the hybird car. On the side, Momo likes to draw anything.

Justin West: Justin is 17-years-old, and he lives in southwest Philadelphia. He is very smart when it comes to working with computers. He took a hiatus from the team last year, but he is excited to come back and be apart of this blog. One of his favorite writers is Edgar Allan Poe and loves "The Tell Tale Heart."

Please visit us anytime and learn about what amazing opportunities these students are participating in these days. I am so happy to be apart of this team and see these students put together all their strengths and create something meaningful.


Ms. Kathleen Radebaugh

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