Empire State of Mind

New York City is a force. It is exciting to see our students match that power and drive.

The students left the Progressive Launch press conference around four o'clock in the afternoon. Most of us checked in at the hotel while Simon, Jacques, Justin, and Ann stayed behind to work more on the car. They had some last minute intricate details they wanted done before tomorrow morning.

We had an amazing dinner at the Rock Cafe right next to the skating rink in Rockefeller Center. It is such a beautiful space.Mrs. Llewellyn is so wonderful and very generous in supporting our team. It was such a lovely dinner (the food was amazing), and we appreciate everything that Mrs. Llewellyn does for us. Thank you! Thank you!

It was such a delicious dinner. My sister Megan came to join us from the upper east side. She brought with her delicious cakes from a bakery that makes the best butter cream icing. The red velvet cake was awesome. Megan had a good time with us and it was nice to catch up.

Dinner ended around 10:30 p.m. And of course we wanted to take the students to see Times Square. That is a force. That is exactly what it is "a concrete jungle where dreams are made of." Alicia and Jay Z are absolutely correct. Jacques even wutanged with another gentlemen on the street. Jacques won. I told him to watch his language next time.

The students are thrilled to be here. Momo told me she wants to stay for a week. Azeem responded, "That would be decent." I agreed. West Philly, we miss you tremendously, but New York City is a force.

We accomplished so much today. The students talked to many different media outlets about all the various aspects of the team and how influential they can be in this green economy. I think they are starting to realize that this is a big deal. Darmell said it best, "We are important." I laughed because we are team on the same show floor as a 115,000 dollar car, talking about the same lithium iron phosphate battery.

I am curious if any of us will really sleep tonight. Simon is probably reviewing his adjective flash cards right now. Ann is thinking how many different ways can she say, "WE NEED YOUR MONEY!" I cannot wait to say "Happy Birthday Mom! Ride or Die!" on television tomorrow.

Please, please call off work tomorrow morning and watch us on the Today Show. I know my mom and dad already have their cherry and butternut danishes ready. No one works on Tuesday mornings anyway. Please watch us.

And then donate money on our website.

Ride or die

Ms. R

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