Turning 18

Hello! It's been a long time.  My internship with Penn Medicine keeps me very busy.  I no longer come to Tuesday meetings.  I am only able to make it on Saturdays.  I enjoy both programs so much I didn't want to give it up.
GOOD NEWS! I turned 18 two days ago!!  Happy Birthday to me! hahahaha It was a very nice birthday weekend.  I went out to dinner with my family and friends.  I am now allowed to play the lottery!
Today was a great and very productive Saturday.  Mayor Michael Nutter arrived this morning a little after nine o'clock.  We had four students speak after Ms. R opened.  Justin, Daniel, Azeem, and Michael did a really great job.  Afterwards, we showed Mayor Nutter around the shop.  He looked pretty excited and into it.
He told us that "you are doing something good for the city of Philadelphia.  You are making the city proud."  He also said that when we are about to go to Michigan that he would like to have a big "send off from City Hall."  We did many photos with him.  I was able to get an individual one! Ahhhhh
After Mayor Nutter left, our day was still crazy busy.  We had two major groups see us today.  Student volunteers from Drexel University brought in fifteen desktop computers for the school to use.  Penn student mentors met with the students to set up times for one-on-one tutoring with the students in their math subjects.  I will receive help for two hours every Saturday on Pre-Calc.
There is a lot going on right now with the team.  Keep checking in with us!


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