Temple University Hybrid

The West Philly Hybrid X Team is in the shop 4 days a week. One group of students is working on designing an ideal school while the other group is working to improve the fuel efficiency of our competition vehicles. Without the rigid school year schedule we’re able to go on field trips, too. The school group visited two different schools and visited two green roofs.

The fuel efficiency group went to Temple University to see an Audi a group of engineering students converted to an electric hydrogen fuel cell hybrid. It was fascinating. The Temple folks had the biggest electric motor we’d ever seen and one of the mechanical engineering students built the battery management system wire by wire, cell by cell. It was impressive.

One thing that wasn’t impressive was the absence of one of our team members, Brandon Ford. Our summer program ended at 1 PM, but we didn’t have to be at Temple until 2:30. We all agreed to meet back at the shop at 2 PM. Brandon didn’t show up. Ms. R. demanded an explanation. We thought all our fans would like to read it.

My excuse for not going to Temple is that I was locked out of my house at first. That took me a while to get back in to the house. Then I began my journey to walk to school for the trip, but I was held up and this is how it all began.

First, I came to the corner and there was some guy selling drugs. He tried to sell me some stuff, but I said no and he got mad. So, I had to beat him up.

After that I came across a baby that had no one to care for it. I called child services and waited with the baby. They came and picked up the baby. I continued on my way to school for the trip.

Next, I tripped and fell, busted my lip and knee. It hurt a lot, but I didn’t cry.

I walked down the block and came across a platinum ring that was the shiniest ring I ever saw. I looked in shock and awe when suddenly; a black bird swooped down and took my diamond. I threw a rock at the bird. Then the bird dropped the ring in a manhole. I said just forget it, and continued on my way to school.

I walked up the block a little; these people from church tried to sell me some things such as books for Jesus and followed me for 3 blocks until I saw my old girlfriend. She then hollered at the church people and they ran in fear of her godly wrath and they left.

After that, she chased me for five minutes until I ran into an alleyway and got away. She said she was going to catch me on the rebound, and I screamed, “Whatever!”

After I ran away from my ex, these dudes wanted to jump me. “Man, back up suckers,” I said. All they did was laugh when I tripped yet again and railed on me.

So now I’m limping my way to school, but I wasn’t moving faster than the little engine that couldn’t.

All of a sudden, the cops pulled me over, and I was in police custody. But I knew I had to make it to the school, so I picked the lock with a fingernail file and stayed on track to school.

Now I’m really close to school but then this fool name Bushwick said I owed him some money. “I don’t have a job,” I said. “I don’t care, I want some of your money.”

“Fool please, calm down.” Just like before, I got capped. He took my money, and I started crawling to school for the trip to Temple. I also had to fend off four stray cats.

Now I’m around the corner from the school and I’m almost there. These little kids stop and just beat my legs. I crawled around the block and looked over the corner, and I realized that they were gone. These are the reasons why I did not make it to the Temple trip.

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