The Car Show is almost here

We are working very hard to the 818 ready for the car show. We have much to do and not a whole lot of time. The Philadelphia Auto Show, which is a benefit for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, opens with a Black Tie Affair on January 30. At our regular weekly meeting we created a check list of everything we have to do in the next 20 days. We'll let you know when we get each task completed. We've already set 3 additional meeting times to work on the car. Here's the list:

● Alignment
● Adjust front and rear springs
● Bleed engine
● Hang new doors
● Finish interior
● Paint the entire car
● Replace front bumper
● Order and apply new decals
● Repair carpet
● Install auto door locks
● Create poster
● Create post cards
● Write blogs
● Mount Presidential picture and Citation
● Modify front wheel wells
● Repair rocker panel
● Troubleshoot turn signal circuit
● Create cover for steering wheel
● Check coolant circuit

Wish us luck!

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