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The 818

The EVX 818 is a beautiful sports car.


The 818is a custom high-mileage biodiesel race car built on the Factory Five 818 chassis. This component car, manufactured by Massachusetts based Factory Five, provides a gorgeous platform for us to create a fast, environmentally friendly, race car.

The 818 kit includes a tubular steel frame and fiberglass body panels along with a variety of other components. Students salvaged additional parts from a 2005 Subaru Imprezza WRX and used the VW TDI drivetrain from our former X PRIZE competition car.

We adapted body components to accommodate our fuel efficient design. The team installed all the mechanical and electrical systems in the vehicle, fabricated custom axles, modified the turbo, and designed and built an aerodynamic roof, to make this car a reality.

The car is powered by locally sourced used fryer oil converted to biodiesel which is made by our students. The car will achieve over 98 miles per gallon.

Curb Weight:
1,800 lbs
340 foot pounds
Acceleration (0-60MPH):
5.5 seconds
Top Speed:
150 mph
500 miles