Epiphany Working Hard

I woke up this morning, and I came to school late.  Ms. R told me that I was suppose to be at school at 8 a.m. and I didn't arrive until 9 a.m.  "I thought you said nine," I screamed to Ms. R.  Ms. R is right, I am wrong.

Ann Cohen, the director of the West Philly Hybrid X Team, picked me up at school and took me to McDonalds with Shanea.  There was some confusion about when the service project started, so the team went to McDonalds for downtime.  I had a delicous steak, egg, and cheese bagel.  Then we walked to 40th and Market for our service project.  Our goal was to pick up trash from 40th to our school on 47th and Walnut.  I picked up trash with Shanea Chellis and Ms. R.  We picked up all kinds of trash: plastic bottles, bags of chips, and lots of cardboard.  We didn't pick any glass bottles or anything like that.  We came all the way to our school and cleaned up Hansom Street and Locust.

I was on my cellphone a lot.  I was talking to my mom. "Mooooooooooooooooooom, I have to go.  I have to do my service to the community."

I really am enjoying my sophmore year.  All of my teachers help me with my work and make sure I understand my subjects. Some of my classwork is hard and sometimes I act out and get in trouble with Shanea.  I am here during community service with the team because I am in trouble with truancy court.  I know I was messing around a lot my freshman year, but I am doing much better with my attendance and grades.

_Epiphany Yates

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