MLK Day of Service

On Monday, members of team and I had a very successful day of service.  It was a beautiful day and many members of the West Philly Hybrid X Team were part of this day of service.

I came back to the team this winter break.  I am currently enrolled at CCP, but I really enjoy still being apart of the team.  I usually can only make the Saturday meetings, but Monday was my last day off before spring semester started.

We started on 40th and Market and worked our way up to 48th Street and West Philly High School.  We started with ten to 15 other people (not part of West Philly High) and seriously picked up trash for eight blocks.  We picked up a lot of trash.  A lot of trash.

Some of the boys stayed in the shop to work with Simon and Mark on the GTM.  While we were out, improved the pulleys and belts around the engine.  They finished welding the cell brackets and painted them.  Daniel, Justin Carter, and Justin Clarke, finished the doors and mounted the steering shaft.

They guys are on the move so stay tuned for more juicy blog posts!



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