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A performance minded hybrid combining power with sustainability and range.

The EVX GT is a two-seater, diesel electric sports car built on the Factory Five GTM frame. The drivetrain utilizes a VW TDI 1.9 engine and an Azure Dynamics electric motor driving the rear-wheels of the vehicle. The electric motor will be the primary drive motor for speeds up to 50 mph. This biodiesel hybrid sports car uses the same 7 kWh Lithium ion battery pack from International Battery powering the same 60 HP Azure Dynamics electric motor that is in our sedan. This vehicle will exceed the 100 MPGe requirements in urban driving and have a mixed MPGe that has yet to be determined. The TDI will have a particulate matter trap to meet the Tier II bin 5 emissions requirements and be well below the 200 grams of CO2 per mile limit.


The EVX GT will have the performance expected of a fine sports car. With acceleration of 0 to 60 under 5 seconds, this vehicle will have more than enough gusto for a guy driving a 100 MPGe hybrid. Priced almost 40% lower than the Tesla Roadster, it will be a reasonable alternative for consumers who can't envision paying six figures for a car, no matter how hot that car is. The EVX GT will also compete directly against Corvette, BMW, Lotus and Porsche, which all offer sports cars under $100,000.

Curb Weight:
2576 lbs
240 HP
420 ft-lbs.
Acceleration (0-60MPH):
less than 5 seconds
Top Speed:
Highway MPGe:
City MPGe:
Tier II, Bin 5