110 MPG at the Green Grand Prix

My Experience at the Green Grand Prix was amazing. Seeing our car on the race track at Watkins Glen made me even prouder to be part of the EVX team.

When we first arrived at the race track I was astonished by how many cars there were. My principal Simon Hauger, and Dave Smith the owner of Factory Five rode around the track for practice. They had a camera on the roof of the 818 recording the action.

While waiting for the race to begin some of my teammates and I walked around to look at the other cars that were entered in the race. Every person I talked to fed me lots of information and insight on their cars and how they were designed. Everyone was thrilled to see our car and couldn't believe that high school students built it.

We took so many photos and my principal was interviewed. Being at this race was very exciting for me and everywhere I walked my ears where open to learn new things. This was one of my greatest experiences and a time I will never forget.

But getting to the race wasn’t easy. It was a rough and stressful time for us leading up to the race, but we managed to get it done just in time. We spent a lot of time working on aerodynamics. We also made two different roofs for the car. It wasn’t until a couple of days before the race that Factory Five sent us their new prototype roof. This resulted in a flurry of activity painting and fitting it to the car.

Th6ne we have placed the decals on the car and trust me we had done a whole lot more before that! Not only do we work as a team, we understand what needs to be done and we do it. Our hard work and dedication to EVX is what has made us a team.

We wouldn't have gotten to the race and had the great results we did if it wasn't for our wonderful teachers' helping hands and support. We are so lucky to have them. Not only are we a team, we are a family, and we are honored and extremely blessed. We would like to also thank all of our sponsors and friends who has helped us throughout this long process.They include Factory Five, Federal Donuts, Willig, Williams & Davidson, Tuscano Agency, Malone Tuning, IBEW Local 98, and many more. We would like to thank you for your support and the donations you have given us throughout this process.

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