Fasten Your Seatbelts! Help Us Start Those Engines!

The EVX Team is back to work after a rather too-long hiatus. We have a lot palnned and we need your help. Our annual fundraiser is in March. We hope to see you there. The attachment at the end of the article gives you all the details.


In September, we moved from our long time home at the Auto Academy in West Philadelphia to the Sustainability Workshop at The Navy Yard.  We’ve been working with a great group of seniors from West Philadelphia, South Philadelphia and Furness High Schools.

We’ve taken the lessons we learned in the EVX Team’s afterschool program and incorporated them into the regular school day. Students have taken on a whole host of projects that are centered on sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings.  (For more about our projects, sign up for our newsletter and like the Sustainability Workshop on Facebook.)

Our school day program is housed in a wonderful historic house. While we have an old garage, it’s not big enough for the EVX Team to do all its car-building work. Fortunately for us, The Navy Yard has found us a space to work while we build our own workshop space. We need it, because we have a bunch of exhibitions and competitions coming up. Simon Hauger is leading a new group of students for a new year of high mileage challenges.

We will be part of WHYY’s premier event for Revenge of the Electric Car in March. During spring break we will be workshop presenters at the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference. We are also gearing up for the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in the middle of April and the US Science Festival at the end of April. We need to finish work on the Electric Very Light Car, make some mechanical repairs and technology upgrades to the EVX GT. We are also looking forward to getting the EVX Focus back in the shop. International Battery has crafted a new battery pack for us to enable us to convert the car to all electric.

Fasten your seatbelts. Start your engines. Here we go again!

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