The Sustainability Workshop

After 13 years of building cars in an after-school program at West Philadelphia High’s Auto Academy, the EVX Team is moving its base of operation. On September 6, 2011, The Sustainability Workshop (Workshop) opens at The Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. The Workshop has enrolled 30 Philadelphia public high school seniors for a year-long program that will operate in partnership with Drexel University, the School District of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC). Simon Hauger, the EVX Team Director, will head-up this innovative pilot program.

The Workshop takes the core elements of EVX - real projects, hands-on learning, and close collaboration among teachers and students - and places them at the center of the school day. Utilizing this innovative educational approach, there is no limit to what students can accomplish.

The Sustainability Workshop will be housed in Quarters A in The Navy Yard’s historic district. Quarters A is unique three story building located just inside the gates of The Navy Yard. It also has its own garage, which will allow us to continue the work of the EVX Team, which will continue as an after-school program.

The student body at the Workshop is made up primarily of students from Furness and South Philadelphia High Schools. Three West Philadelphia Auto Academy students will also be attending. To read more about The Sustainability Workshop, click the link below.



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