Join the EVX Team at WHYY on March 20, 2012

Join the EVX Team at WHYY studios for a free screening of Revenge of the Electric Car.

By 2006, thousands of modern electric cars were destroyed by the same auto companies who  built them. Now, only a few years later, the electric car is back from the dead, championed by a  handful of people determined to remake the future.

Join for a FREE screening of Revenge of the Electric Car followed by a presentation on the basics of electric car design by the EVX Team, an award winning group of Philadelphia high school students that have built several hybrid vehicles.  You can listen to an interview with Simon Hauger, the program's founder, on WHYY's Radio Times here.



WHYY Hamilton Public Media Commons

150 N 6th Street, Philadelphia


To RSVP and for more information:


ASL and captioning provided by request.

Act 48 credit available to teachers.


Presented by ITVS Community Cinema and WHYY in partnership with the Sustainability Workshop and PennFuture.



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