EVX Team Electrifies

At the Workshop School the car we are making is different from others and is unique in its build. First off it's a special electric car unlike any other, and it's being built by teenagers with no experience working on cars. For most people that's a scary thought but we have some really good people leading us.

First we have Mr. Hauger teaching us about the car itself and how to make it. Then we have Ms. Ann basically organizing the group with what we are doing and trying to get the blog going. We actually won't be racing this car because it has a range of only 40 or 50 miles on its current battery pack.

As a new member of the EVX Team, I don't think it's about the car as much as is about the team. It seems to me that the adults' goal is to give teens some real experience with a real world problem and to teach us to work in a group.

At our old schools we wouldn't get these kind of lessons because the real lesson there was uniformity. It was more like, "sit down face front and shut up." But here it's more about the entire school -- teachers and students communicating at once. That's just my guess on the reasoning of making a team for a car that won't be raced and why it's different from a factory made electric car.

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