EVX Team Electrifies

At the Workshop School the car we are making is different from others and is unique in its build. First off it's a special electric car unlike any other, and it's being built by teenagers with no experience working on cars. For most people that's a scary thought but we have some really good people leading us.


Building and Blogging - The 818 Project

Meet Devante Larsen. Devante is a 10th grade student in Automotive Collision Program of Study at the Workshop School and will be blogging about building the 818. Read his blog below.


Ingenious, A True Story of Invention, Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America

Philadelphia area journalist Jason Fagone became interested in the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE before most of the world had heard about. Shortly thereafter he visited the West Philly Hybrid X Team at our shop.


Building the Factory Five 818

The EVX Team is hard at work building a new high mileage competition car. Factory Five Racing has generously donated the ultra-sleek chassis and body to us. We found a wrecked Subaru Imprezsza WRX as a donor car that the 818 is designed to use. We've already removed and installed the Subaru suspension and other key components.


Simon Revs up Students

Last year the EVX Team spent three days at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. It was just us, the GT, and a couple hundd thousand science geeks.  That’s where the IEEE  interviewed Simon Hauger.



We need much more rain.

Whenever it rains on a Friday, I always think of my college roommate Sam Hauptman. She loved rainy Fridays. She was a strong and vivacious student in one of the toughest accounting programs in Philadelphia. By Friday, she was exhausted. A rainy Friday was an excuse to slow down.


Another Green Grand Prix Victory!

The EVX Team had an incredibly busy spring. In April we returned to Watkins Glen to compete in the Green Grand Prix, another great competition for the Team.



EVX Team on PBS

Philadelphia filmmaker Debbie Morton followed the EVX Team for two years as we competed in the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. Her documentary, Fast Times at West Philly High, premiered on Frontline this week and can now be seen on-line.



Join the EVX Team at WHYY on March 20, 2012

Join the EVX Team at WHYY studios for a free screening of Revenge of the Electric Car.


Fasten Your Seatbelts! Help Us Start Those Engines!

The EVX Team is back to work after a rather too-long hiatus. We have a lot palnned and we need your help. Our annual fundraiser is in March. We hope to see you there. The attachment at the end of the article gives you all the details.